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Tournament Calendar

Our Pokemon leagues and TO's organize besides our leagues, various by The Pokémon Company International approved tournaments. There are two categories of tournaments:

Tournaments that NOT count towards your players level.
This includes all tournaments organized by the local Pokémon leagues and the Prereleases.

Tournaments that DO count towards your players level (idicated as "rating").
For those who want to reach the top and a chance to make it to get invited to the World Championships 2025 in August 2025 there are the Premier Events (Prereleases excepted). The local Premier Events that count towards your rating are the League Challenges and the League Cups.

The deck of anyone who wants to participate in tournaments must meet to certain qualifications. Therefore the tournament rules should be carefully studied and are found behind the link buttons "Other info -> Tournament Rules". Decklists and Teamlists can be downloaded here too. Also the latest update of the rules are on this site. To register for Premier Events (including the Prereleases) one can use the links in the tournament calender below.

Our society organizes for the leagues at the game stores De Tafelridder (Leiden) and in Het Spellenhuis (Den Haag en Haarlem) the following tournaments of importance:

Trading Card Game: (link)
- TCG League Challenge
- TCG League Cup
- TCG Liga-/Fun-toernooien
- TCG Prereleases
Video Gaming: (link)
- VGC League Challenge
- VGC League Cup

Pokémon GO: (link)
- GO League Challenge
- GO League Cup
- GO Fun-events

For questions or more information you can always contact: