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Our Pokémon leagues

Our society organizes since 17 years at various locations in this country official Pokémon leagues. These are clubs where pokémonfans meet and play the trading card game under professional lead of one or more league leaders or battle each other with 2DS/3DS or trade cards. Before you visit one of our pokémon leagues for the very first time it is recommended to get in touch with the league of your choice, because occasionally one of the meetings is cancelled due to holidays or for another reason. Everyone is welcome at the pokémon league to learn how to play the game. Pokémon is one of the most fun strategic games to be played by people of all ages (from 6 to 66+ years old). As compensation in the rent of the venue we ask all our players a fee of € 1,- when attending the league.

Name: Chez Pikachu

Where: Spellenspeciaalzaak De Tafelridder, Oude Herengracht 11a, 2312 LN Leiden

When: Wednesday 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Information? Send an e-mail to:

Name: Squirtle Squad

Where: De Beukenhorst, Beukendaal 99, 3075 LC Rotterdam

When: Friday 6.00 - 8.00 pm (from 7.00 - on alsoVideo gaming with DS)

Information? Send an e-mail to:

Friday 27 September & 2 November no league session!
Name: Absol's Arena Top

Where: Spellenhuis, Kruisweg 60, 2011 LE Haarlem

When: Tuesday 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Information? Send an e-mail to:

Friday 26 October and 2 November no league meeting!
Name: Murkrow Mob

Where: Spellenhuis, Zoutmanstraat 94, 2518 GT Den Haag

When: Thursday 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Information? Send an e-mail to:

For questions or more information you can always contact: