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League Challenge

What is the League Challenge?
Active leagues will get the opportunity to organize a League Challenge once during each month year-round. This change will give more players an opportunity to test their mettle in a rating tournament. The League Challenge tournaments are intended as lower qualifying tournaments and the outcome of a match of each player is of importance to winners how many Championship points they will earn. The results of you best limit finish of 6 League Challenges count for your Championship points. These points are important to players to earn an invite for the World Championships at Honilulu, Hawai'i (USA) in August 2024. Players of the Junior Divisiion require 200 Championship points, Senior Division 200 Championship points and Master Division 250 Championship points.

Tournament structure
Participants play with their own 60 card decks in the standard format (our organizers do not use the expanded format for the League Cup). That means that the use of cards is limited. Prior to the tournament, during the player meeting, one has to hand over a decklist (link) and during the tournaments there will be deck checks.
In the Standard format starting 5 April 2024 only cards with "F", "G" and "H" regulation marks will be legal to use (as will any future regulation marks that may be released). A card’s legality status is no longer based on which expansion it’s from. Even if a card is from a recently released expansion, players will need to refer to the regulation mark on the bottom of the card to see whether that card is legal for play. New cards still must follow the appropriate waiting period to become tournament legal, which is typically two weeks after their release.
Older versions of cards that don’t have a regulation mark can still be used if the card is currently legal for play. For example, the card Rare Candy from the Sun & Moon expansion can still be used because the card Rare Candy from the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO expansion has an "F" regulation mark. And even though the card Boss’s Orders (Giovanni) from the Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash expansion has a "D" regulation mark (which is rotating out of the Standard format), it can still be used because the card Boss’s Orders (Cyrus) from the Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars expansion has an “F” regulation mark. Be sure to check the Play! Pokémon Tournament Rules Handbook (link) for further clarification on which reprints are OK to use, as well use the link about regularly published updates of the "Current Legal Standard Card List" (link) .

In the past, Pokémon Tool cards were considered a subcategory of Item cards. When the Scarlet & Violet expansion becomes legal for play, all Pokémon Tool cards will receive errata. Moving forward, Pokémon Tool will be its own category of Trainer card. That means there will be four categories of Trainer cards: Item, Supporter, Stadium, and Pokémon Tool.
Starting with the Scarlet & Violet Series, all Pokémon Tool cards will be printed as their own category, not as Item cards. Pokémon Tool cards from all previous series will receive errata to align with this change. For example, Vitality Band says Item on it, but it won’t be considered an Item card once this change goes into effect—it’s just a Pokémon Tool.
The Pokémon Tool card errata affects certain card interactions. For example, if the effect of PokéStop is used, the player would no longer put any discarded Pokémon Tool cards into their hand. On the other hand, if Vikavolt V’s Paralyzing Bolt attack is used, the opponent would be able to play Pokémon Tool cards during their next turn, since those are no longer considered Item cards. BE SURE TO PLAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE CARD EFFECT MOVING FORWARD!

The tournament will continue to feature Swiss-only (single game) play with no top cut. The tournament is run using Age Modified Swiss pairings.
Participants are divided into 3 divisions, dependent on the year of birth. These divisions are:
Junior division: born in 2012 or later;
Senior division: born in 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011
Masters division: born in 2007 or earlier.

Don’t forget when you participate in this tournament
Take care that you have your PlayerID at hand;
Read the tournament rules, so you know what to bring to this event;
Have your decklist form (see left under the "Other info -> Decklist” button in the black bar) filled in completely prior to the tournament;
Have your cards at the same follow order as you decklist for deckcheck;
Be at the venue on time, as those that arrive too late will receive a “round loss”.

1st place: 15 Championship Points
2nd plaats: 212 Championship Points (@ kicker 0)
3rd place: 10 Championship Points (@ kicker 0)
4th place: 10 Championship Points (@ kicker 0)
5th to 8th place: 8 Championship Points (@ kicker 21)
9th to 16th place: 6 Championship Points (@ kicker 48)
17th to 32th place: 4 Championship Points (@ kicker 80)

For all participants there is a booster of a tournament legal expansion.

The size of the League Challenge tournaments are generally more limited in scope than the City Championships. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, it is important to determine to register to secure your registration. You are only enrolled after receiving a confirmation email from the organizer. Even if unable to participate it is highly appreciated by the organizing gymleague/tournament organizer to inform him of your withdrawal.
For registration see link at particular tournament in the Tournament calendar.

Admission fee
Participating the League Challenge is € 7,00 or more (at the organizers/store discretion)

For dates of tournaments see under button Tournaments -> Tournament calendar.

For questions or more information you can always contact: