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Jubilee tournament
20 years Chez Pikachu

Updated: 15 August 2020

20 years Chez Pikachu in Leiden
At 2 September 2000 we started at the former store Magic Friends with a Pokémon league that we baptised hez Pikachu soon after. Although the league was held at several locations in the past 20 years, we always continued our activities. Nowadays, our league is the oldes league since the beginning of Pokémon and that is a very good reason for a party. therefore we want to organze a special fun tournament, where everyone is a winner and can have fun to the max with our precious Trading card Game. To achieve this we did not only worked out a special fun format for the decks, but we have separate rules to enhance the fun as well. Additionally there are many prizes we will hand out, so eveyone will have a full bag of Pokémon stuff tobring home. It already starts at participating as all participants will receive a goodie-bag and every round there is a prize for each participant too.In shrt, a party you will not miss! Read below all information provided abot the format and the rules.
Due to all Corona pandemonia we have all of our plans under the Corona restrictions (that can alter any moment as we know now), because we want to present a safe and secure playing ground to all our players. We will welcome you at (one of) our old league location Huis van de buurt "Op Eigen Wieken", Valkenpad 5, 2317 AN Leiden, The Netherlands.
As parts of this event are under reservation, you are advised to look at this page regulaly to see tha latest updates!

Fun format
In order to participating this tournament we have worked on a special format. If you do not have specific cards you need, or, because you have not played Pokémon for some time and want to borrow a deck from us, please contact us at the e-mail address below this page. Also for questions about the event or your deck you can contact us at that e-mail address.

What are the deck rules:
- 40-card deck (games played for 4 Prize Cards);
- Sun & Moon block (no promo's!);
- Only common, uncommon and rare cards may be used. The rarity symbol on the card needs to be black to count as common, uncommon or rare. Cards with a foil symbol are considered "ultra rare" (or similar variant) and aren't legal for play in this particular format. All GX, Detective Pikachu set rare's, prism, promo's, full art, rainbow and golden cards are not allowed!;
- Limit 2 cards with the same name (excluding basic Energy).

Cards from the sets below that you are not allowed to play, so-called banned cards, are:
- Eevee (SUM 101);
- Double Colourless Energy (SUM 136);
- Oranguru (UPR 114);
- Buzzwole (FLI 77);
- Beast Ring (FLI 102);
- Celesteela (CES 100);
- Granbull (LOT 138);
- Jirachi (TEU 99);
- Aerodactyl (TEU 130);
- Kartana (UNB 19);
- Reset Stamp (UNM 206);
- alle Tag Team Supporters (CEC several numbers);
- Lillie's Poke Doll (CEC 197);
- Jessie & James (HIF 58)
For the abbreviations you are referred to the decklist that you can download through the black rule at the top of this page under "Other Info" -> "Decklist".

Game- and tournamentrules
About the gamerules we will not reveal too many information, but beware of the unexpected. For example, we could run one round with the "Baby-rule", which requires a dice roll to determine if you are allowed to attack or not. Perhaps are you the chosen one to play one round Video Gaming with one of our 3DS games with a selected team?.

The tournament will continue to feature Swiss-only play, so there will be no Top-cut with a maximum of 5 rounds, best-of-3. Dependant on the number of players in each division, the divisions will be kept separately if possible.
Participants are divided into 3 divisions, dependent on the year of birth. These divisions are:
Junior division: born in 2009 or later;
Senior division: born in 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008
Masters division: born in 2004 or earlier.

Don’t forget when you participate in this tournament
Take care that you have your PlayerID at hand;
Read the tournament rules on this page;
Have your decklist form (see left under the "Other info -> Decklist” button in the black bar) filled in completely prior to the tournament;
Be at the venue on time, as those that arrive too late will receive a “round loss”.

All participants will receive an extensive goodiebag. This contains at least:
- Playmat;
- Deck Box;
- Sleeves;
- Binder;
- Translucent die;
- Burn/Poison marker

Furthermore we hand out special items from 20 year Pokémon history to all participants as extra prizes!
For those interested, we also will distribute a special Pokémon for the games Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and Sword & Shield or Pokémon Home. When you want to profit of thie opportunity, please bring your game cassettes or have Pokémon Home activated.

The volume of this event will give about 50 players the opportunity to celebrate this party with us..
For registration see the link at the specific tournament in the tournament calendar (active soon).

Participation fee of this Jubilee tournament is € 20,00 (with goodie bag) or € 8,00 (without goodie bag). While supply lasts goodiebags will be available at the event at € 15,00, after the event available(as long as supply last) at at €20,-.

We hope to welcome present and past players at this unique event!

For questions or more information you can always contact: